ACEDS Christmas Gathering & LawTech Congress!

Having only recently attended my first ever eDiscovery conference, which was the ACEDS UK Launch event in London.  I was still a bit nervous attending a second one, let alone one that is in a foreign country. However, I then remembered how informative the panel was and what a great opportunity it was to meet other professionals in the market. So what better opportunity than the LawTech Congress in Brussels? Being held over two days with 4-5 informative panels each day, it was a great chance for me to broaden my industry knowledge and meet new and old faces – not to mention we were one of the sponsors.


It wasn’t just the fantastic panelists that were providing informative content, with many of the attendees being interactive in the sessions and providing valuable information whilst incorporating their experiences. It’s not often that a room is filled with so many experienced professionals talking about the same topic(s), so it was a great chance for me to listen and take notes. It wasn’t just in the panels that the attendees were informative; speaking to them outside of the sessions also provided valuable information. Not only did it establish relationships, it told me what they are seeking from the market, where they want the market to be heading and some of the experiences they’ve encountered along the way.

What separated this conference from my previous one was that it wasn’t only dedicated to eDiscovery, it included Cyber Security and Forensic Analytics. All three fields of course have their differences, however it is surprising just how closely connected they all are. Cyber Security is a field that my Managing Director (Amit Pandit) is extremely familiar with having started his career there. For me being a ‘millennial’ and growing up with the new introduced technology, cyber security is something which I am fairly familiar with and is becoming increasingly prominent. Or so I thought.


It was surprising to see how many law firms, consultancies, and professionals within this environment took cyber security seriously after it was already too late. Estimated figures prove that cyber-attacks are happening more frequently, with some of the main perpetrators being from Russia, China and Turkey. In order to keep up with the current number of attacks the cyber security field would need around 2,000,000 more professionals.  However, with the continuous development of technology this number is expected to increase as more technology is introduced.

A majority of law firms, consultancies, and even people see cyber security as unnecessary expenditure. This was the case for one of the largest entities in the world – Bangladesh Bank. In February 2016 instructions were introduced to steal $951,000,000 from the central bank of Bangladesh. 31 transactions were attempted, with 5 being successful and amounting to $101,000,000. The hackers then filtered $20,000,000 to Sri Lanka (which was recovered) and $80,000,000 to the Philippines (in which only $18,000,000 was recovered). Not only have the Bangladesh Bank suffered a monumental loss of money; they’ve suffered a loss of business, with many customers assuming their money is no longer safe. They’ve also suffered a huge loss to their reputation. More information regarding the attack can be found here:

Cyber security should not be implemented as a reactive procedure; it should be instilled as a preventative one. Once a hacker has infiltrated your system there’s no telling just what information they’re going to obtain and where they’re going to distribute it. However, it’s not just within the workplace. With new technology such as televisions, microwaves and even health implants incorporating technology which connects to your local network, it is important to ensure that you’re protected at all times. After all I’m sure a large majority wouldn’t leave your home unlocked permanently, so your technological products shouldn’t be any different.

As previously mentioned it was a pleasure to see a large number of you in Brussels, I hope you all img_003511enjoyed your time at the event and found it as beneficial as I did. Should any of you wish to follow up with any conversations we held or alternatively to hear about any opportunities within the market.
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Furthermore, December 14th ACEDS UK is holding a Christmas Networking event which members of the Apt Search team are attending. It will be a great chance to meet up with fellow eDiscovery / Litigation Support professionals. To find out more about ACEDS membership benefits and to register for the event, feel free to reach out to our MD Amit Pandit – ACEDS Board Director: or the ACEDS Membership Director – James MacGregor: