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ACEDS Christmas Gathering & LawTech Congress!

Having only recently attended my first ever eDiscovery conference, which was the ACEDS UK Launch event in London.  I was still a bit nervous attending a second one, let alone one that is in a foreign country. However, I then remembered how informative the panel was and what a great opportunity it was to meet […]

My First eDiscovery Conference!

Having entered the scene only 10 months ago the realm of eDiscovery is still fairly new to me. Despite not working directly alongside vendors, lawyers, analysts & managers it’s important that I understand what those professionals are looking for within the market. So what’s the best way to discover what they’re looking for? Interaction. The […]

3 Healthy Habits of Every Successful Analytics Team (kCura)

Our industry exists in an era of fast-paced innovation, but you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who could successfully argue that new technology, in itself, by itself, is enough. Each product or feature needs to be supported with instructional content that makes the technology accessible and perhaps even attractive to its intended users. Even so, […]