My First eDiscovery Conference!

Having entered the scene only 10 months ago the realm of eDiscovery is still fairly new to me. Despite not working directly alongside vendors, lawyers, analysts & managers it’s important that I understand what those professionals are looking for within the market. So what’s the best way to discover what they’re looking for? Interaction.

The ACEDS UK Launch Party was a great place to start. Not only was it kicked off with an informative panel hosted by Chris Dale, Dan Wyatt & Ed Spencer, which helped external professionals like myself gain a more intricate understanding of how eDiscovery can play a major part in the litigation process. The event had a very impressive turnout, with over 100 eDiscovery professionals in attendance, many of whom stuck around for the after party.


At first being the newcomer thrown into a room of 100 professionals you’ve never seen before, most of whom are massively more experienced than you are can be daunting. However, the ACEDS UK Chapter is about unifying these professionals to help expand and better the eDiscovery community. Once you realise that these individuals are attending the event for the same sole reason you are conversations become easier.

For me, it was a great chance to get my name into the market, very rarely will you ever find this many eDiscovery professionals in a room all at the same time. Not only to get my name in the market, it was an excellent chance to show my face and establish some new relationships with professionals covering the whole spectrum of the market.  Additionally it gave me a good insight into the market, speaking to candidates regarding what they enjoy within their roles, working environments & companies gave me valuable information that can be taken away and used to help match candidates to their perfect roles.

Would I recommend attending future similar events? Absolutely, the interaction and unification of the market will not only benefit you, but the market itself. If turnouts continue to be as impressive as this event, then before you know it you’ll have a many new relationships. Regardless of whether you’re just breaking into the scene or a familiar face in the market there will always new connections to be made. Should you wish to find out more information regarding future events, or the ACEDS UK membership, click the following link!

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